The best trail in life is the one we blaze.
Developer | Financial Planning Hacker | Part-time Sasquatch


Howdy! I'm Hughie and I'm, well, a lot of things. Finance geek, sustainability hacker, musician and a transplanted Texan. My wife Karissa, dog Tio and I moved out to Denver from Austin, TX and have been gloating in our decision making skills ever since. The move was long and hilarious but after camping and hiking every weekend since we've been here, totally worth it.

I work in Denver at Digital First Media where I help build a cutting edge software platform that allows the Denver Post and many of our other publishers to publish, curate and analyze their web and print media. We work in an agile environment and use a lot of cool technologies like WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, Rest APIs and hopefully React, Meteor and GraphQL in the near future.

In my free time, I enjoy doing many things. Mainly, flexing my music minor and playing any musical instrument I can get my hands on, especially guitar. I love the outdoors, whether it's backpacking hiking, biking, kayaking, rugby or pretty much anything else. Whenever I'm not out being a sasquatch you'll find me behind a keyboard hacking out my endless supply of socially beneficial tech ideas or trying to be hip with new technologies.

Well, Click Away.